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From our friends at 420Waldos,

"We present the new 420Waldos brand, which is tied to a societal movement, the cannabis movement, something much bigger than a watch brand. It will hopefully be able to ride this wave and arouse interest from consumers. This movement shows no signs of abating, and in fact is growing constantly. We are not advocating that people should become potheads, which is neither here nor there, but I think we can all agree that today many find relief in medicinal cannabis and supporting this is our mission - to help those needing this relief. Now is the time to discuss the cannabis brand called 420Waldos since the annual cannabis holiday is upon us, although in the world of cannabis, every day is 420. The brand stands on 3 pillars: 

- the back story of how the 420 moniker came to be, back in 1971 with 5 Bay Area guys that were nicknamed the Waldos 
- a new illumination system called Visible247 that was in development for 15 years, and that enables the dials to glow for at least 10 hours if exposed to 10 minutes of "light energy" from any light source 
- the philanthropic element of donating to organizations (Drug Policy Alliance, NORML) that support the movement toward federal legalization with every watch sold"

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