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From our friends at Bia Brand Sport Watches, created to support women's empowerment

The Bia brand stands on 3 pillars - its name that is tied to Greek mythology, it's superior illumination system, and its philanthropic element.   
Bia brand name:  Named for the Greek Goddess of Raw Energy and Power.  Bia believes that every woman possesses a power within that pushes her toward her objective and the raw energy to help her achieve goals and empower other women. 
Bia Illumination system:  Each Bia wristwatch features a superior illumination system called Visible247 that is the highest-performing photo luminescent technology in injection molded polymers ever created.  With just 10 minutes exposure to any light source, every Bia timepiece stays illuminated for at least 10 hours.  Metaphorically speaking, this capability aligns with Bia’s vision that women who empower other women can light the world on fire with the smallest of sparks.  
Bia Mission of Philanthropy With women’s empowerment making daily headlines, the goal of Bia is to support women to become the healthy, educated, independent, protected and valued individuals they are meant to be. Strength—physical, emotional and constitutional—underpins the company’s collection of sport watches.  Bia is charity focused. The company gives back a percentage of each sale to women’s organizations that foster Bia’s principles. Time’s Up, an organization that insists on safe, fair and dignified work for all women will be one such benefactor.   The company has defined its mission of supporting empowerment of women.  Each Bia timepiece is designed with active, driven women in mind - women with a positive sense of self ... and Bia believes that EVERY woman possesses a power within that pushes her toward her objectives.  
Bia’s Watch Series:  The launch collection is comprised of two series, the Rosie Dive series and the T9 Sport Sport series.  The Rosie Dive series is named after or Rosie the Riveter, and honors the World War II icon for the feminist movement, and the beginning of women moving out of the home and into the workforce en masse.  The T9 series celebrates the work done to enact Title IX that fought for and earned equality in funding at the collegiate level for both genders. 

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